Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Summer in the USA 2019

We had a wonderfully blessed 5 weeks in the USA this summer!

On May 30 we flew from Vienna to Chicago to Cedar Rapids, Iowa!  The kids did exceptionally well on the flights!  With Isaac turning 2 a couple of weeks before the flight, we had no children flying on our laps!  Just one in my belly :)

I was 31 weeks when we flew to Cedar Rapids.  Right before we left I had another ultrasound that should have revealed if we're having a boy or girl (I also had one at 20 and 25 weeks - both times the doctor couldn't tell the sex).  We planned to fill the pinata with pink or blue candy depending upon what the doctor found at 31 weeks.... what he found was that he's not 100% because due to the baby's positioning he couldn't see the full area.  However, he ended up saying he's 90% sure it's a girl!

So PINK candy it was!!

Brian thinks it is a girl but I still think it's a boy!

The kids had a ton of fun with the Super Hero costumes!

And swimming!

Ellie loved watching her cousins perform at their dance recital!

Isaac began to get over his fear of dogs... with this guinea pig-sized new dog of Shannon & Andy!

They all loved going to The Secret Life of Pets 2 (Isaac's first movie, Francis' 2nd, and Ellie's 3rd) with their cousins.

I, meanwhile, enjoyed sitting/resting whenever possible!

And we all LOVED the time with our family!

After about 2 weeks (me at 34 weeks pregnant), we were off to Steubenville, Ohio to visit Brian's side of the family. 

We had an awesome gathering for Brian's mom's belated 80th birthday!!  Almost ALL of Maureen & Don's children, grandchildren, great-children were there!!  It is SUCH a blessing to be apart of the Kissinger family!

Brian hosted one of the Steubenville Youth Conferences on Main Campus.  Unfortunately, his 9 nieces & nephews went to the conference the week before so Brian couldn't embarrass them.

Technically Austrian Airlines won't allow you to fly within 28 days of your due date (mine is July 27), but due to Brian hosting the conference we had to wait until July 1 to fly back.  But it all worked out, no one questioned the fact I was a couple days past 36 weeks pregnant on an international flight!

Our last night in Steubenville we even got to have a little 4th of July Celebration :)

We left Pittsburgh airport on July 1, flew to Dulles airport, and were back in Austria on July 2!

We love being back in Gaming (well after we got over the jet lag) but miss all our family & friends in the USA!!  Thank you ALL for a wonderful trip home!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Hold Your Horses: Isaac Turns Two!!

"Happy Doo-Doo, IZ" - Isaac Kissinger, age 2, singing Happy Birthday to himself

Hold your horses - literally - because Isaac just turned 2!

This boy is obsessed with horses!  There are a few horses just up the street from us that we like to visit, and he likes to watch the ones on YouTube.  "Horses.  Phone.  Ok!" is a common phrase we'll hear from him.  (Yes, we try to limit YouTube and videos on our phone ;)  Rain was predicted all day for his actual birthday, so Ellie had the great idea of taking him to the petting zoo at Hochries about 30 minutes away the day before his birthday.  We headed there right after Mass in the morning and beat the rain!  He, and his siblings, loved riding the ponies!  Isaac's first time!

On his birthday the next day, which was also Mother's Day this year, we went back to Haubis (about 30 minutes away) - where we had spent Francis' birthday.  Haubis is short for Haubiversum, one of Austria's incredible bread factories.  This visit we had to be inside due to the rain but that turned out great as well!  They have a lovely kids' indoor play place, and mom and dad were able to enjoy our meal and coffee as the kids played!

Isaac opened some of his toy horses the day before his birthday, and literally has not stopped holding two of them at nearly all times!  He will set them down briefly when he's performing Mass - he loves to dress in our dress-up clothes priest vestments, find his kids' Bible, and sing, "Oh God, holy Father" as he processes around our coffee table (aka, his altar) and in and out of the living room with the Bible raised above his head.  He currently has bright orange hair (think that's a forever thing) that has never been cut, a chipped front tooth (luckily that's a baby tooth), and is definitely left-handed (guess that's also a forever thing).  He loves asking Ellie to come and play horses with him (she simply adores him and can't resist)!  And he loves tackling Francis - if he's anywhere close to the ground, Isaac is instantly on him.  Not quite sure what he'll make of being a big brother in less than 3 months, but he sure loves being the baby of the family for now!

We love you, Isaac Joseph!!