Saturday, November 2, 2019

Budapest with Friends!

One of the best parts about living in Gaming is the amazing people we're surrounded by!  The students, of course!  And the other families who have someone working at the Kartause!  They're all amazing, faith-filled people and many are from places other than the USA - which makes it fun to visit their home countries.

We made a quick 3 days, 2 nights trip to Budapest with our neighbors whose wife grew up there!  Because our family had visited 3 years ago and done many of the famous tourist attractions then (you can see Francis was then wearing the coat that Isaac is wearing now), we let this trip be dominated by kid-friendly activities :)  It was our first trip as a family of 6!  Clare's first trip out of Austria!  And our practice-run for our 9 day trip to Rome & Assisi coming up in a few days!  A lot of fun was had and it was so great to spend time as a family and with our friends!

Capital Circus of Budapest

Fun taking the Metro, Bus & Tram

All Saints' Day Mass at a Franciscan Parish Church (Isaac dressed as St. Francis & looked just like the Friars on the Altar!)

Budapest Chairlift - in the Buda Hills looking out to the flat Pest side of the City

Wonderful, long lunch filled with great conversation due to the fact there was a huge kids' playroom!

Delicious, traditional Hungarian dessert Chestnut Puree (Gesztenyepure)

MiniPolisz - an interactive playhouse located in downtown Budapest

"Once Upon A Time" Leisure Park (Holnemvolt Park) in Budapest Zoo

Chimney Cake :)

And then a 4 hour drive back home!  :)